A speech for chairman of the board

On the banks of the Yellow Sea in the eastern part of Yimeng, a completely new and age-old glassware enterprise rising to prominence, accompanying with the linyi city proper core area extending to the east.
Especially for nearly these years, at the social public concern care and supporting, the company insists on the sales notion:
 “Increasig income and reduce expenditure, sharing benefits; giving first place to  outstanding achievement, and healthy development”, starting the factory area removing project, launching light-weight glass bottle productive-technology research &development item , fastly pushing on the enterprise transformation and upgrading, realizing the great-leap-forward development, being elected the Chinese glassware vice council chairperson unit at one action.
Since the Feburary 1999,the company gradually implementing the joint stock system, establishing the perfect modern enterprise system. On December,2005,we established the group corporation. From June, 2012, we started the new factory area construction, and forming with the primary scale. Now we corporated with the university and research insititue, imported the adranced equipment inspection instrument from the high level point, insisted on the independent innovation, and absorbing the imported- integrated innovations unitely, establishing the province enterprises technology center. The success for the  light weight glass bottle R&D leads the beer market’s development and corporation for Carlsbery, Budweiser, Heineken beer and other international brands.
Thirteen five period, the company will grasp tightly the beer industrial packaging renewing trend, strengthen the international advanced  technology communication and corporation, enlarge the light-weight beer bottle production scale, build the state-level light-weight beer bottle R&D production base .
Here, I express my sincere thankfulness for all staffs on behalf of the chairman of board, and provide the superior products and perfect service for the global beer&beverage manufacturer and customer continuously. Moreover, we welcome the ideal youth to join the Jingyao Group, to plan and develop unionly to contribute our efficacy for the building hundred age enterprise, realizing the Chinese dream.