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Professor Shen Jianxing ,with his delegation, from Institute of Materials of Qilu University of Technology come to our company for research

Number of visits: Date:2018-04-05

On Nov20 afternoon, professor Shen Jianxing ,who is also the dean of Material Science and Engineering Institute of Qilu University of Technology, with his delegation, come to our company for research of domestic glass industry transformation and upgrading work.

The research, whose topic is under the new environmental protection situation, silicate industrial entreprises should how to transform and upgrade, aims to further promote the provinces great project of conversion from old energy to new energy. In accordance with the requirements of  research, professor Shen inspected seriously each section of the lightweight bottle production line, listened to the reports about lightweight bottle technical research and development and the construction situation of 2nd phase of the project delivered  by the related technical personnels from our company, gave a high evaluation to our company, who has been persisting in differentiation development strategy, taking the path of minimization, resourcezation, low-carbon, and circular economy development .He also suggested our company popularize and apply the glass -bottle lightweight production technology ,and promote transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing. This research put forward the new views and requirements for industry-university innovative research cooperation for the next step. Meanwhile, reach a new intentin for Qilu University of Technology to establish practice bases at Jingyao Glass.

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