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Shandong Jingyao Glass Group Co., Ltd., as a vice director unit of China National Association for Glass Industry, is a high-tech enterprise integrating glass R&D, production and sales. With a registered capital of RMB 50 million and gross assets of 560 million, it annually yields 200,000 tons of daily-used glass and 60 million deep processing bottles, taking the lead in the industry in its comprehensive strength. Our company has successively awarded the titles of “China Well-known Trademark”, “Shandong Famous Trademark”, “China Patent Shandong Star Enterprise”, “Superior Enterprise of Shandong Materials Industry”, “Advanced Unit of University-Enterprise Cooperation in Shandong”, etc.

Our company, adhering to market-oriented, has introduced a large number of international advanced equipment and technology and constantly promoted our innovation ability. Nowadays our products are sold well in Tsingtao Beer, Kingway, AB InBev, Carlsberg Beer and Snowbeer and other famous beer enterprises at home and abroad. Our beer bottles as leading products have been qualified in the national mandatory supervisions and spot checks over the years. The newly-developed light-weight beer bottle cooperating with Tsingtao Beer features green, environmental protection and energy saving, filling the domestic blank in this filed.


Our company emphasizes the R&D inputs. We annual complete more than ten R&D projects, respectively transforming into products, samples, etc. by introduction, digestion, absorption, integration and re-innovation, independent innovation and production-study-research cooperation. Up to now, there are 4 authorized design patents and 14 patents for utility model (applied and approved) and 2 patents for invention (processed). Our company were in charge of drawing up the first domestic enterprise standard 330ml Light-weight Disposable Beer Bottle, participated in the revised two local standards The Quota for Energy Consumption of Daily-used Glass and Thermal Insulation Technology Guideline of Daily-used Glass Furnace, and submitted a revising Beer Bottle GB4544 (to be approved). We boasts five technical innovation platforms consisting of Shandong Enterprise Technology Center (provincial), Linyi Enterprise Technology Center (municipal), Linyi Barium Crystal Glass Packing Material Engineering & Technology Center (municipal) and Linyi One-enterprise & One-technology Research Center (municipal) and Linyi Light-weight Glass Packing Material Engineering & Technology Center (municipal) with the approval of relevant departments.

Our company will deepen the cooperation with international high-end beer companies by relying on the sophisticated equipment and technology of HEYE International GmbH, build three workshops according to the principle of “unified planning, stage construction, step-by-step implementation” and strive to achieve production scale of 2 billion light-weight bottles per year, become the pioneer of green manufacturing industry and create a national-level R&D and production base of light-weight beer bottles during the period of Thirteenth Five-year Plan.

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