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Our company presented our experience in creating green factories at the on-site meeting of the 2024 National Energy Conservation Promotion Week (Shandong Special Session)

At the meeting, our company, as a representative of the national green factory, shared our experience and achievements in creating a green factory.


The National Green Factory is the highest level in the cultivation echelon of the national, provincial, municipal, and county green manufacturing system. Our company adheres to green manufacturing as an important way for high-quality development of enterprises, and implements it from three aspects: "focusing on lightweight ecological design of products, creating green and low-carbon benchmark products; building a green standard system, consolidating green theoretical foundation; building a green digital system, quantifying energy conservation and environmental protection effects". We have achieved the goal of improving the level of product greening, energy utilization efficiency, and waste heat resource utilization rate, which has been unanimously recognized by energy-saving authorities and users at all levels.


In the future, our company will take this experience exchange as an opportunity to self pressure, continue to promote the research and development of lightweight technology for products, gradually implement clean energy substitution technology renovation projects, accelerate the construction of photovoltaic power generation and waste heat maglev power generation projects, and contribute brilliant strength to the national "dual carbon" strategy!



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