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Our company has successfully passed the registration of Shandong Province Academician Workstation

On May 20th, the Department of Science and Technology of Shandong Province announced the list of the fourth batch of Shandong Province academician workstations for the year 2024. Our company's newly built academician workstations have successfully passed the registration, adding another provincial-level innovation platform to the enterprise.


Since the beginning of this year, with the assistance of the District Science and Technology Innovation Bureau and the District Talent Group, we have selected one academician from overseas academicians of the National Academy of Sciences to settle in our company and built the first Shandong Province academician workstation in the Linyi Lingang Economic Development Zone.


Academician Workstation is an innovation platform jointly established by academicians and construction units. Through flexible introduction of academicians and their research teams, it carries out joint research and development and scientific and technological achievement transformation, enhances its own innovation ability and platform team building level, achieves mutual development of both parties, and promotes the integrated development of innovation chain, industry chain, capital chain, and talent chain.


Our company will conscientiously implement the relevant requirements for the construction of academician workstations, specify a dedicated person to strengthen the daily management of academician workstations, do a good job in serving academicians and their teams, improve collaborative innovation and industry university research cooperation mechanisms, accelerate the introduction and training of innovative talent teams, and ensure the completion of various construction goals and tasks of academician workstations as planned.



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