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Our company leaders on New Year's Eve condolences to the cadres and employees who stick to the front line of production

  On the New Year's Eve on January 31, the company's chairman, Tang Yong, led the cadres in charge and above to pay New Year's greetings to the cadres and employees who are fighting on the front line of production.


  The chairman and his party came to the quality control department, bottle making workshop, melting workshop, engineering department, mold maintenance and other departments to offer condolences, sent dried fruit candy blocks, extended holiday greetings, talked cordially with the staff, shook hands and said hello. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for the hard work over the past year, and encourage all cadres and employees to focus on the two goals of "improving efficiency and reducing costs" in the new year, work hard, and make new achievements.
  Everyone said that the leaders of the company sent warm greetings to our front-line employees, distributed rice, noodles, oil and wine and other benefits before the festival, and prepared heart-warming activities such as New Year's Eve dumplings. Brick Tim


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