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Our company organizes "one class after the holiday" training activities

  In order to further enhance the safety awareness of all employees, build a safe production line of defense, and make a good start for safe production in 2022, according to the unified arrangement of the higher-level safety supervision department, on January 10, our company organized a safety production "one lesson after the holiday" training activity.
  According to the actual production situation of the company, more than 500 people in the whole company participated in the "one lesson after the holiday" training and safety knowledge test in three shifts. Bo Wencai, the deputy general manager in charge, presided over the training meeting, emphasizing and requiring the development of safety "one lesson after the holiday" training.
  Safety video lectures, focusing on post-holiday safety production risk analysis, recent typical accident cases, safety precautions and safety production laws and regulations, are aimed at overcoming post-holiday lax thinking, enhancing safety awareness of all employees, strengthening hidden danger investigation and rectification, and improving enterprise safety. management level, will play a positive role in promoting.


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